Perception and Geofence system

As a UAV navigates autonomously, there are certain occasions where the aircraft has to change its mission plans. In particular, to be protected from possible accidents, the platform's geofence protection system should adjust the trajectory appropriately when obstacles are detected and select the proper ground surface when emergency landing is prompted. As these processes require fast reaction times, the utilization of low latency sensors and algorithms is necessary. Towards this end, LRA will develop a complete and low-complexity geofence protection system for recognizing moving objects, retaining a safe flight distance from the ground, and assessing the ground surface's suitability using onboard sensing and processing modules. This system will be based on a forward-facing LIDAR sensor and three downward-facing laser range-finders. Moving obstacles are identified using the high-precision and operational speed LIDAR module, while the ground's distance, the landing area's slope, and the existence of any objects therein are computed through range-finders.